7 piece light art installation, satin, steel, LED lights,10m x 10m.

The public art installation Entitle comprises of six illuminated sculptures based on elaborate Rococo style ornaments. A mother pig with piglets is the centrepiece accompanied by four decorative towers. In western culture the pig represents gluttony and Entitle asks us to consider why our contemporary over-indulgent lifestyle exists and at the expense of what? The piglets feeding on their mother in the artwork represents western cultures and the entrenched sense of multi- generational entitlement we have.

In Europe during the 1700’s the Rococo was a period of excess for those who could afford it and the lifestyle of this period was lavish. This was reflected in the artwork and decor of the time which included excessive amounts of gold, colour, design and flowers. Extinct flowers adorn the light installation Entitle reflecting our effect on the natural world rather than the more traditional and sentimental Rococo use of European flowers.