MMVAF is being invaded by aliens

MMVAF Sketch stage 2

MMVAF is being invaded by aliens

On Brin Davies writes..

And it’s not just a world-class line-up that will excite punters. “I think that, as a whole, contemporary society is becoming more interested in visual art forms,” says James Birrell, the brains behind the artistic component of Maroochy’s festivities. “I think that this is largely due to artists breaking down the traditional ideas of what art should be and how it should be experienced. I think festivals are centered around experience and that modern art is becoming more about experiencing art rather than just viewing it or collecting it,” he explains.

For Queensland punters, there’s something big looming on the horizon. Literally. MMVAF is all about creating an immersive experience — in art, in culture, in music and, this year, in space. Pioneering the journey punters will take into a ‘magical realm’ is renowned installation artist Amanda Parer, who will bring giant celestial beings from far away universes down to the Old Horton Park Golf Course. The piece is part of Parer’s conceptual project, the Fantastic Planet series: “Inspiration for this light installation has been taken from the 1973 Czech/French film Fantastic Planet. This stop motion science fiction film directed by Rene Laloux depicted a story set in an unimaginably distant future in a world of gargantuan humanoids, and where human beings are a feral race.” 

This year, five giant, illuminated beings will ‘invade’ MMVAF. “These giants from afar will give audiences the impression that they have just landed and are quietly and gently exploring our ‘fantastic planet’. As with my previous public art exhibit Intrude [the “giant rabbit installation” that could be spotted at the inaugural MMVAF last year], these forms will not be randomly placed sculptures, but can be rather strategically placed to give the impression that the giant humanoids have taken over entire site… So MMVAF 2016 will be the first contact and I’m sure there will a lot of feral humans running around that day!” Birrell laughs. “One of the humanoids stands nearly 12 metres tall, so higher than a street light. I’m guessing you’ll see it from a lot of the mountains surrounding Maroochydore, especially at night.”

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